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June 9, 2024 1:52 am

Pittsburgh Welcomes Fried Chicken Chain Raising Cane’s


Parker Wallis

Fried chicken restaurant Raising Cane’s will open at the Piazza in South Lafayette by 2023, the first location in Pittsburgh and one of at least 20 restaurants scheduled to open across Pennsylvania.

The Piazza is a new 50,000-square-foot retail development currently under construction by Burns Scalo Real Estate Services.

“We’re excited that Raising Cane’s is joining The Piazza’s growing roster of tenants,” said CEO James Scalo of Burns Scalo Real Estate in an official statement. “Raising Cane’s will be a key addition to the center’s collection of restaurants and experiences.”

Burns Scalo Real Estate has been establishing new real estate as a developer within the region, including a $130 million Diamond Ridge project for office space and more than 1,200 housing units along Parkway West in Moon.

“Raising Cane’s vision for quality, cool culture and community involvement … makes them a perfect addition to The Piazza,” said South Fayette Commissioner Gwen Rodi.

Andrea Igler, communications director for South Lafayette Township, also welcomed the Louisiana-based franchise coming to the region. “South Fayette Township,” she says, “has been trying to encourage businesses to come in that are a little different or unique to the area and this is a great example of one of those since it’s the first location in the Pittsburgh region.” 

According to Igler, “There has been tons of positive response on social media with a lot of comments from people saying they can’t wait to visit the restaurant when it opens.”

Soon, hungry customers in the Pittsburgh area can sample their 3-piece chicken finger meal. Craving more than three? Raising Cane’s offers a 4-piece box combo and a six-piece “Caniac” special. The term “Caniac” also refers to the company’s most devoted customers. 

Other food stops planned for the Piazza include Primanti Bros. and Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, scheduled to open this fall. 

Raising Cane’s currently has 640 restaurants across 35 states with more than 50,000 employees, and those numbers are expected to grow.

By next year, people in South Lafayette will be able to enjoy Raising Cane’s crispy chicken fingers, juicy chicken sandwiches, and savory crinkle-cut fries, all complimented by their special sauces. Will the residents of South Lafayette become “Caniacs?” Only time will tell.