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Pittsburgh Press Release 3/31/22

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According to a city press release

Beginning April 1, street sweeping with parking enforcement will resume in the City of Pittsburgh. For the past two years, due to the pandemic and a large number of individuals working from home, enforcement has not been imposed and parked vehicles were not ticketed. After a two-year hiatus, enforcement will recommence.

The City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works will coordinate with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority (PPA) for the enforcement component of the street sweeping campaign.

The resumed enforcement will allow crews to perform a more thorough cleaning. “Not only does this have positive impacts for our storm water system, but it also leaves Pittsburgh streets cleaner for residents,” Acting Director Chris Hornstein added.

Street sweepers operate every day of the week, with neighborhoods focused on Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, sweepers are typically assigned to the main corridors and business districts. Posted signs in each neighborhood list which days street cleaning is performed. 

The street sweeping season runs from April 1 – November 30.