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July 14, 2024 3:16 am

Many Rescued Beagles are Coming to Pennsylvania


Mohamed Bughrara

A research institution in Virginia is accused of having bred and sold 4,000 beagles, many of which were found to be suffering from “acute distress.” The first set of these animals has been relocated to new, temporary quarters as many organizations from across Pennsylvania and the Midwest work round the clock to save the rest of the beagles. A proposal to move thousands of beagles from the facility to adoption shelters was approved by a federal judge in July.

After discovering at least 145 beagles in particularly poor condition, federal officials filed a lawsuit in May against the Envigo RMS facility in Cumberland County, Virginia.

Several federal laws were discovered to be broken by the Envigo facility, which bred these beagles for use in pharmaceutical research and testing. According to the court ruling, the dogs must be released within 60 days.

The Adams County SPCA, which is situated at 11 Goldenville Road in Gettysburg, reported that 30 of the beagles that were recently rescued from the facility in Virginia are now available for adoption.

Kitty Block, president of The Humane Society of the United States, explained, “Finding partners who can make space and find homes for around 4,000 dogs in the summer — a time of year when animal shelters are already over-capacity — will be a feat of epic proportions.” 

Once the beagles are ready for adoption, each of the websites of the five local shelters will promote the dogs there.

Animal Friends in Ohio Township, Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh, Beaver County Humane Society, Butler County Humane Society, and Washington Area Humane Society are just a few of the cooperating rescue groups.

On Monday evening, five canines were delivered to Animal Friends, while four other shelters each received four. Be sure to visit these bundles of joy in need of kindness.