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Lower Hill’s management panel looks for assurances from pending Penguins owners

close-up with the puck during the game

At its first public meeting, the Executive Management Committee discussed the effects of the team’s sale and progress toward minority business involvement and neighborhood hiring.

Rich Lord
December 10, 2021

As the sale of the Penguins marches on, parties interested in the redevelopment of the former Civic Arena site are looking for more assurances of the buyer’s commitments to the Hill District.

A nine-member Executive Management Committee [EMC], charged with monitoring the flow of the benefits from the site to the rest of the neighborhood, held its first public meeting on Dec. 10, just a day after the sale received two key approvals.

On Dec. 9, the Sports and Exhibition Authority [SEA] board and the National Hockey League Board of Governors both approved the sale of a majority interest in the Penguins to Fenway Sports Group [FSG], based in Boston.

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